The jungle had been hot, but this place was even hotter! Pip knew exactly where they were. There were three pyramids in the distance, stone buildings close by, and sand dunes in every direction.


“It’s Ancient Egypt,” Zena explained to Sharky.


“Look at that cool cat statue!” She pointed at the marble cat nearby, sitting proudly on a stone plinth. “The Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, didn’t they?” she asked.


“If so, Libro will love it here,” Pip said.


Sure enough, Libro was over the other side of the courtyard with a young Egyptian girl. She was feeding him a bowl of milk. The three friends wandered over.


“Your cat is special,” the girl said, looking up. “He’s full of magic.”


“We know.” Zena said. “I’m Zena. This is Pip and Sharky.”


“I’m Ahhotep,” the girl said. “My friend here is Bastet.”


Pip looked around, confused. “What friend?”


“The statue next to you,” the girl said.


“You can’t have a statue as a friend,” Pip said.


Oh, can’t you?” the statue growled.


Pip jumped in shock. “The statue spoke!”


Ahhotep laughed. “Of course!”


The statue’s eyes suddenly lit up like emeralds. It moved a paw, then another, and then it jumped to the ground.


“You’re on a quest,” it purred.


Zena gasped. “How did you know?”


“I’m a goddess,” it said. “And a cat. We know everything.”


Libro nodded proudly, then pointed his tail towards a stone building. It was another shimmering magic door!


“You’ll need another word before you continue your quest,” Bastet said.


“Do you know what it is?” Zena asked.


The cat-goddess stood on her back legs. “The word,” she said, “is your.”


“We have had that word already!” Pip said. “Tell the world your story your. It must be a mistake.”


Bastet shook her head. “I never make mistakes. Now, begone! Time is running short. If you don’t get back to your rocket, how will you return to your beloved library?”


Zena and Pip were worried. They didn’t think that the rocket might leave without them.


With a happy mew, Libro raced towards the magic door.


“Are you going with them?” Ahhotep asked Sharky.


He shrugged. “I think so, but being a human is so…slow. Being a shark was fast and fun!”


Ahhotep and Bastet winked.


“If you like speed, you’ll love the next world,” the cat goddess said.


Sharky sighed, then ran after the others and jumped through the door.