Pip, Zena and Sharky landed in thick, leafy undergrowth. The air was alive with the sound of birds screeching, monkeys chattering and insects buzzing. It was hot and sticky too.


“We’re in a jungle!” Pip said, standing.


“What’s that cool thing over there?” Sharky asked, pointing.


They turned their heads. Sharky was pointing towards a temple, buried in vines and leaves, with tree-roots hugging its crumbling walls. Zena saw a flick of a furry tail disappearing inside.


“It’s Libro!” she shouted.


The children ran through the leaves and grass. If they didn’t find the cat, they wouldn’t know where to search for the next magic door.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed Zena’s arm. Then another and another. Moments later, she was lifted into the air. She could see that Pip and Sharky had been grabbed too by a gang of giggling monkeys. She looked up. Three monkeys held her tightly and were swinging her from branch to branch!


“I preferred being a shark!” Sharky yelled.


Pip seized a hanging vine. Zena watched her friend swing out of the monkeys’ grip. He used the vine to fly towards them through the air like a soaring bird.


“Zena,” he yelled. “Grab me as I pass! Then Sharky, you grab Zena!”


She did as Pip asked. With a yank, Pip pulled her from the monkeys’ grasp. Then, she felt Sharky grip her arm. They whooped with excitement and fright as they sailed towards the temple. It was getting very close, very fast…


“Jump!” Pip shouted, and let go of the vine as they fell towards the ground.


They landed on a soft pile of leaves, which flew into the air with a whoosh. Zena lay back, breathing hard.


“That was crazy,” she said.


Sharky rubbed his eyes. “Are all the worlds as crazy as this one?”


“Look,” said Pip, brushing the leaves aside. “I’ve found another word!”


They peered into the hole that Pip had made. They saw a single word, carved into the stone floor. Story.


Tell the world your story,” Zena said. “What story should we tell?”


“Look,” Pip said suddenly. “It’s Libro, inside the temple! He’s going through another magic door!”


Libro gave them a little wave with his paw, then walked through the door and disappeared.


“Let’s follow him,” Zena said. “We haven’t got a moment to lose!”