Pip didn’t dare look. Where could they be now? He listened and couldn’t hear anything. Everything was peaceful.


Finally, he took a peek. He was in a huge white room with a polished wooden floor, surrounded by beautiful paintings. Some were of smiling ladies with flowers in their hair. Others were of the sea or countryside. Some were very strange indeed, like people with apples painted over their faces.


“It’s an art gallery!” he said.


Zena nodded. “Look at this.”


He laughed. It was an oil painting of Libro, holding his paws up in the air. Suddenly, the painting started to quiver. A moment later, the real Libro popped out of the canvas and jumped onto the floor.


“How did he do that?” Pip asked.


Zena scooped the cat up and cuddled him. “He’s special, that’s how.” She walked along the gallery, looking at all the paintings, then stopped with a frown.


“What’s the matter?” Pip said.


“This painting… isn’t it weird?”


She was right. Swirling words were appearing on the canvas, in gold and silver.


Tell the world your story, your story becomes…?


“It’s all the words we’ve found so far, plus a new one!” Zena turned to Pip. “It makes more sense seeing it written like that!”


“But what does our story become?” he asked. “I don’t understand.”


“What do stories become when you write them?” Zena asked.


They both thought hard but couldn’t work it out.


“Do you think Sharky and the rocket are back at the library now?” Pip said.


Libro curled up into Zena’s arms. He was finally ready for a nap after his adventures.


“There’s a painting of a rocket,” Zena said, pointing. “It looks like ours, doesn’t it?”


They went over to have a closer look. Pip’s mouth fell open. There was a little figure painted in the rocket’s window that looked just like Sharky.


“There’s a painting of a magic door here too,” Zena carried on. “Do you think…?”


Pip nodded. “Look, the painting’s already starting to move. It’s another magical door.”


“What are we waiting for?”  Zena pulled the door open. “Let’s solve this quest!”


She grabbed Pip’s hand, held on to Libro, then stepped through the door. Where would they end up next?