Zena and Pip landed on an old, mossy stone bridge. There was a castle in the distance with sparkling turrets. A horse rode past with a shining horn on its forehead.


“A unicorn!” Zena gasped. “We’re in a fairytale land!”


“I hope there’s no troll under this bridge,” Pip said. They hurried across, just in case.


There were plenty of things to see. Bright red toadstools, huge flowers, and fairies flying in the air, but no sign of Libro.


“We’ve lost that cat again,” Zena groaned.


“We can’t get back to the library without him,” Pip said.


Suddenly, a deep growl came from underneath the bridge. It was a troll! Footsteps shook the ground. A shaggy-haired beast climbed out from under the bridge with a snaggle-toothed grin. It saw the children and roared. They both started to run. The troll raced after them and it carried on roaring, a single sound that sounded like a word.


Worrrrld! Worrrrld! The troll bellowed.


“Wait.” Pip stopped. “That creature isn’t chasing us. It’s trying to say something.”


The troll nodded. Worrld! Worrld! It shouted.


“Are you saying world?” Zena asked.


It nodded again.


Pip laughed. “That’s the final word in the clue!”


The troll grinned, and then waved goodbye. The children shouted their thanks. The troll had only been trying to help them.


“Tell the world your story, your story becomes a world,” Zena said. “That’s it!”


“How does a story become a world?” Pip asked, confused.


A sound was swelling in the air around them, like a racing car. Or was it a waterfall? A lion roaring? Or…


“…a dragon with a rocket on its back?” Zena yelped.


A dragon soared across the sky. The rocket on its back looked familiar – it was the same one they’d found in the library. Someone stuck their head out of the rocket door. It was Sharky!


“Did you solve the quest?” he shouted as he flew past.


Zena and Pip nodded then shrugged. They weren’t sure.


Libro popped out of the rocket next to Sharky. The dragon swooped down low.


“Jump on board!” Sharky said.


“Are you kidding?” Pip yelped. “We can’t leap onto a moving dragon!”


“I bet we can!” Zena grabbed Pip’s arm, then as soon as the dragon was close enough, threw them both onto its back. They crashed onto the dragon’s shining scales. Sharky tugged them into the rocket.


“I found you!” he said, grinning. “I knew I would.”


“How?” Zena asked.


“I read the right book. Look, I brought it with me from the library.”


He held up a book, written on it was . The Secret Book Quest – By Pip, Zena and Libro.


Pip took it and flicked through the pages. “It’s about us!”


Zena read it with him. There they were, underwater with Sharky. Then again in Ancient Egypt, with Ahhotep feeding Libro some milk.


“This is magic,” she whispered.  “Tell the world your story, your story becomes a world. That’s what it meant. Our world is the story. When we tell the story, we share our world with others!”


Pip pressed the big red button. “Goodbye dragon,” he whispered, as the rocket launched off from the dragon’s back.


Soon, they were flying back towards the library.