Pip stared. This wasn’t space anymore! The ground was dry and cracked. There were swaying trees nearby and a smoking volcano in the distance.


Zena was more interested in the thing coming towards them. It was bigger than two houses and had a long neck, swinging tail and four huge feet.


“That’s… a diplodocus!” she said. “And there are some stegosauruses over there!”


They looked behind them. The door had disappeared. Their spacesuits were gone and they were dressed in their normal clothes again.


“Dinosaurs are extinct,” Pip said. “What’s going on?”


“The voice on the rocket said the quest was starting,” Zena reminded him. “Is this our quest? Racing through different worlds?”


“Chasing our cat, more like.” Pip folded his arms. “There’s Libro now, on that triceratops’ back.”


Sure enough, the cat was balanced on top of the dinosaur. His tail curled, then pointed in the opposite direction. The diplodocus lifted its front leg and pointed to the same place as Libro’s tail.


“They’re trying to tell us something,” Zena said. “Let’s see what they’re pointing at.” She started walking.


Pip sighed and followed her. Zena loved exploring! A flock of pterodactyls flew overhead, screeching. Then Zena spotted something unusual on the ground. A huge leaf, bigger than any she’d seen before.


“Look!” She bent down. “There’s a word written on it. I saw another word back in space too. Tell.”


Pip looked closely. The word on the leaf was the.“Tell the?” He scratched his head. “Tell the what?”


She shrugged. “I don’t know.”


The ground shook. Suddenly, the triceratops stomped past them with Libro still on its back. The cat jumped off and then trotted ahead. Zena and Pip looked to see where he was going.


“Another magic door!” Zena shouted. “Libro, wait for us!”


The door started whirling again. Libro mewed then ran through it.


“He’s doing this on purpose,” Pip grumbled.


Zena chuckled. “He’s a magical cat, remember? Let’s follow him before any T-Rexes show up.”


With a deep breath, they jumped through after Libro. Who knew what they’d find on the other side of the door?