“Where are we now?” Pip asked, wide-eyed with wonder.


The children were in a gleaming metal spaceship with huge windows, gliding silently across the sky.


Zena pressed her nose to the glass. “Are those houses down there?”


“What, those buildings in giant bubbles?” Pip asked. “I think you’re right. There are people too, walking around inside.”


Other spaceships whizzed past them, full of people wearing shining helmets and holographic suits. Their own spaceship had a few seats at the back, each with rows of buttons down the side. He sat down and pressed the nearest button. The seat heated up. It was very relaxing. He pressed another button and music started to play.


“I could get used to this,” he told Zena.


His friend was by the dashboard at the front. She tapped all the buttons, while still holding Libro carefully. The spaceship suddenly filled with a smooth robotic voice.


“Welcome to the world of technology. What word do you seek?”


“What words do you have?” Zena asked.


“I have all of the words,” the voice said. “I know everything.”


“Just like a cat,” Pip said. Libro nodded in agreement.


“I know the word cat. Did you know that in ancient Egypt cats were worshipped?”


“Yes, Yes! Zena and Pip laughed”.


“If I say some words to you,” Zena said, “can you tell us what the next one is?”


“I can,” the voice agreed.


Zena winked at Pip. “What comes next in this sentence? Tell the world your story, your story becomes…?”


The voice laughed. “That is easy. The next word is A.”


“That’s not a word, it’s a letter!” Pip cried out.


“It is a letter and a word,” the voice replied.


Zena shrugged. “So, tell the world your story, your story becomes a...something. But what, I wonder?”


Pip didn’t know, but he was sure that the next word would solve the mystery.


“How do we get back to the library?” he asked. “Or are there more worlds to visit?”


“There is one more world,” the voice replied. “Use the door behind you.”


Zena and Pip swung round. There was a magic door in the spaceship that hadn’t been there before.


“Before we go,” Zena said, “can you tell us, is this what the future will be like?”


The voice laughed again. “The future is what you make it. Goodbye!”


“Well, that wasn’t very helpful,” Zena grumbled, as she, Libro and Pip stepped through the door. They were both excited. They were nearly at the end of their quest.